Book Review: Earth in Human Hands by David Grinspoon

Dr. David Grinspoon was the speaker at the January meeting of the Rose City Astronomers and I’ve just finished reading his new book, “Earth in Human Hands” and want to tell you about it. The obvious central theme of the book is that we humans need to solve the problem of climate change, but it explores this and many related topics in great depth and from many perspectives.  Since I am not nearly as skillful a writer as Dr. Grinspoon, I will not attempt to thoroughly cover these ideas, but I do want to give you my take on the book […]

Exhibit Opening

The opening reception for the exhibit of Astro-Photography was well attended, especially considering the predictions of icy road conditions.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures while people were there, but did get a few shots later.  The first, above, is from the entrance and shows most of the photos.  Mine are along the wall on the right, plus the backlit prints in the rear left corner (where it is darkest). The front part of the left wall is a collection of 11 prints from Tracy Brown: Tracy has been a successful photographer for some 50 years and started doing astro-photography with the […]

Astro-Photography Exhibit

This is what an exhibit of astro-photos looks like before it is hung: The Arts Council of Lake Oswego (Oregon) asked me to put together a collection of photos in connection with the library’s “Lake Oswego Reads” program, which is featuring the novel “Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars” by Nathalia Holt.  The arts council has a very nice, large gallery, the 510 Museum and ARTspace.  In fact, it’s a little too large for my collection, so I asked a few other local astro-photographers to participate in the show […]

The Cone in Different Colors

For no particular reason, I tried some different ways of combining the narrowband channels of the “Cone & Fox Fur” image and came up with this: I like both versions, but have to choose one to print.  So which do you prefer (the other version is in the previous post here)?  

Cone & Fox Fur, +2

Two years after capturing the hydrogen channel of this image and five months after the last time I was able to do any astro-photography, I have finally managed to finish this image of the Cone and Fox Fur Nebulae: You might notice that this doesn’t look exactly like the NASA APOD image I referenced in my last post (  Aside from the rotation, it is mostly different in that this is a narrowband image, while the APOD image is (or appears to be) a broadband/natural color image.  In both cases the dominant features are composed of hydrogen (in red), but […]

Welcome to 2017, Year of the Solar Eclipse

Ignoring politics (which seems like a wise thing to do), the biggest news item for 2017 just might be the total solar eclipse that will be visible across almost all of the U.S. on August 21st of this year.  I plan to write fairly often about all things solar this year, and post at least a few solar images – especially after the new solar telescope arrives in a few months. I had hoped to get at least one new image captured before the end of 2016, but it didn’t happen.  We had one clear night recently, but I was too busy […]

Image of the Week Winner

The Astro Imaging Channel is a Google+ group and YouTube channel that conducts weekly tutorials, presentations, and discussions on various aspects of astro-photography (  Each week, they select an “Image of the Week” from member submissions and make it the banner image for their home pages on Google and Facebook.  This week they selected my image of the California Nebula! You have probably seen this image as the banner on MY Facebook page.  Here’s a little more information about the object and the image:  The California Nebula (NGC1499) is an emission nebula in the constellation Perseus.  It is about 1,000 […]

Where Does It Go?

It’s a phrase we hear a lot this time of year – “where did the time go?”, and it certainly does feel like 2016 flew by much too quickly, but what I’m really referring to here is that since I’m all done with holiday bazaars and other sales events for the year, I thought I’d tell you where the profits from my business go. First I am thrilled to report that sales were great this year.  I had set a goal of a 30% increase over last year, but as of this moment it is close to a 70% increase!  […]

One More Time!

Yesterday’s event at Prairie High School was fantastic.  It was my first time at this Holiday Bazaar and although I knew it would be busy, I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of shoppers.  Not that my booth was the destination for many shoppers, but I was located next to what must have been the most popular vendor there.  When the doors opened at 9AM there was a long line of people waiting to enter and it seemed that half of them headed straight to my neighbor’s booth!  The area was filled with shoppers for hours. I’m sure that the popularity […]

Week 3 of Holiday Bazaars

Grout Elementary School is the only elementary school bazaar I go to.  I went last year for the first time only because other plans I had made for that weekend fell apart, but it was such a good event that I expect I’ll be going back every year, even though it is small and short (it runs from 9AM to 1PM).  There are lots of kids, great live music, a good selection of handmade crafts, and a bake sale.  The neighborhood seems to support the school well, so the shoppers are serious!  Please come join us if you can. Last […]