More Paint Daubs in the LMC

The weather in Australia has been awful lately, so there are no new images from there that I can share with you, but this is one that was captured some time ago and I didn’t get around to processing it until now.

NGC1955 is an open star cluster and emission nebula in the constellation Dorado.  I have posted several images from this region, which is part of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), and I have commented on how they look a bit like daubs of paint on a black background.  But this one has a bit more detail and structure than the others.  The designation NGC1955 refers to the part in the center, but I actually like the “daub” on the left.  There’s some weird stuff going on there!  In fact, all three of these daubs are weird.

I’ve also been trying to fix the problems with the mosaic of the Witch Head Nebula, but haven’t succeeded in making a significant improvement yet.  This just makes me more motivated to capture it in a single frame from here in California before we head back home to the gray skies of the Pacific Northwest.


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