Going to NEAF

The Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) is one of biggest astronomy events on planet Earth and I’ve never been to it – until now!  This years forum is next weekend, April 8&9 (see http://www.rocklandastronomy.com/neaf.html for details).

NEAF should be a great experience for anyone interested in astronomy and/or space travel, but I’m particularly excited because I’ll finally get to meet a bunch of people I’ve known only online or by phone for many years.  This includes vendors from whom I have made purchases, customers who have bought my products, and fellow astro-photographers (with some overlap between all these categories).  There will be more than 115 vendors this year and I’ve made a list of 28 that are “top priority” to visit.  Aside from a few meetings with customers and clients I will just be an attendee this year, but part of the reason for going is to investigate the possibility of being a vendor at NEAF 2018.

I’m also going to be visiting relatives in the northeast before and after NEAF, so I will be away for a while, but promise to give you a thorough trip report as soon as possible.

About Greg Marshall

I am a retired electronics engineer and after a few months of enjoying my leisure I began to miss doing product development. My astronomy hobby always needed new solutions to unique problems, so I decided that whenever I came up with a good solution I would try to make it available to others.

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