A Tulip & a Propeller, Re-processed

My productivity for the past Winter (in terms of new astro-photos produced) was well below average, and Spring has not been kind either.  So I’ve been looking at old images to see if I could find some that might benefit from the new tricks I’ve learned in processing over the last few years.  I found these two objects, which both happen to be somewhat obscure nebulae in the constellation Cygnus. The Tulip Nebula: A closer view of the actual tulip shape (center) would make for a more colorful image, but I like the contrast of this gentle flower floating on […]

Propeller Nebula

Buy a Print This is a case where the name of a nebula is pretty obvious.  The propeller is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus.  It is one of the more mysterious objects of this type.  In particular, we don’t have a clue how it became this shape! This is a narrowband image, captured at Wa-chur-ed Observatory in Hydrogen-alpha, Oxygen-III, and Sulfur-II.  Such images are generally somewhat “false” in color and this one has been tweaked in non-traditional ways to bring out as much detail as possible. Scope: AP Starfire 142 at f/7.5 Mount: AP Mach1 Camera: QSI 583wsg […]