Price Updates

For the first time since… well, pretty much ever, I am updating the prices on Wa-chur-ed Observatory products.  In most cases the change is an increase and the reason is increased labor costs.  I see that as a good thing, since it means that people all along the supply chain are being paid more for their work – including me.  Over the years the component and material costs have increased only a little and I have been able to offset those costs with increased efficiency in my manufacturing processes (such as moving to CNC routing of some components), but it […]

PerfectStar Focus Motor

The PerfectStar Focus Motor is a premium stepper motor designed to provide precise control of focus with many types and models of telescope.  Although intended specifically for use with the PerfectStar Focus Controller, the motor unit is also compatible with controllers from many other manufacturers.   Based on a top-quality stepper motor from Hurst, it provides the reliability and precision needed for demanding astrophotography applications. The motor is enclosed to protect the motor from dust and moisture. Likewise, the aluminum mounting collar encloses the focuser shaft (and reduction mechanism where present) to prevent dust from getting into this sensitive mechanism. […]

PerfectStar Focus Controller

With version 5.0 of the firmware and version 6.0 of the ASCOM driver, PerfectStar is now completely updated. Most functionality is now embedded in the controller itself rather than the driver, which makes it more robust and allows access to many features without a computer connection. The absolute position value is maintained in the controller – even when powered off.  The hand controller (now standard) is used to toggle temperature compensation, set the zero point, report the current position, and prepare for focuser lock and shutdown.  A new double speed mode provides faster rough positioning, which is very useful when […]