A Tulip & a Propeller, Re-processed

My productivity for the past Winter (in terms of new astro-photos produced) was well below average, and Spring has not been kind either.  So I’ve been looking at old images to see if I could find some that might benefit from the new tricks I’ve learned in processing over the last few years.  I found these two objects, which both happen to be somewhat obscure nebulae in the constellation Cygnus. The Tulip Nebula: A closer view of the actual tulip shape (center) would make for a more colorful image, but I like the contrast of this gentle flower floating on […]

Tulip Nebula

Buy a Print The Tulip is a bit lost in the surrounding cloud of (mostly) hydrogen and dust, but I think you can see where the name comes from.  This is a narrowband image consisting of Hydrogen-alpha, Oxygen III, and Sulfur II emission lines. The Tulip Nebula is in the constellation Cygnus and about 6,000 lightyears from Earth.  The image was captured in May of 2013 at Wa-chur-ed Observatory. Scope: AP Starfire 142 at f/7.5 Mount: AP Mach1 Camera: QSI 583wsg at –15C