In my earlier attempt to capture the Spaghetti Nebula I found that the 200mm camera lens wasn’t quite wide enough.  And that a faster (lower focal ratio) lens would also be beneficial.  So I put an 85mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens (stopped down to f/2.8) on the QSI camera and tried again last night.  It didn’t work.  The moon was full last night, and even with a 3nm H-alpha filter, there was enough sky illumination to almost completely overpower the Spaghetti.  I’ll try it again when the Moon goes away, but I have to comment again on what this says about […]

IC 1318 (Sadr Region)

Buy a Print (Updated Dec. 2017) This is a large region of nebulosity (mostly hydrogen) around the star Sadr in the constellation Cygnus. From Wa-chur-ed Observatory in June of 2016. As is usual for this observatory, this is a narrowband image, processed to yield a false-color image in which the yellow represents S-2 and the blue represents O-3.  Both colors are then modulated by the brightness of the H-a channel. The bright star near the center is Sadr, which is the central star in the constellation Cygnus. Scope: AT111EDT at f/5.7 Mount: AP Mach1 Camera: QSI 683 at –20C Exposure: […]