Back to the Cave

This past weekend we had a New Moon and, surprisingly for this late in the year, good weather.  So I went to my favorite dark sky site, SkyView Acres, in Goldendale, WA.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a star party this late in the year.  My primary goal was to get some good RGB data of the Cave Nebula to go with the narrowband data I captured recently from home. The first night was great, although a bit cold.  I was getting some of the sharpest images I’ve had in this area, with an average FWHM of 2 […]

Drop Dead Gorgeous

I hope it doesn’t sound too boastful for me to say it, and to some degree it is a matter of personal taste, but I think this is just gorgeous, and the best astrophoto I’ve produced to date.  It is, of course, from the remote observatory in Australia, and is not visible from up here in the north.  Eta Carina is quite bright, and large – about 4 times the size of the Orion Nebula.  It’s a mixture of emission, reflection, and dark nebulosity, as the best ones often seem to be. For this type of target I would typically […]