Exploring the Intersection of Art & Science

As noted in a previous post, next Wednesday (Feb. 22) evening Dr. Katherine Kornei and I will be speaking at the 510 Museum in Lake Oswego, OR (  I will show some of my astro-photos and talk about how I capture and process them, while Dr. Kornei will talk about science behind some of the objects in my photos.  We gave a similar presentation last year at a private club meeting, but this is the first time it will be available publicly.  One addition to the presentation is that Dr. Kornei will talk about some prominent women in astronomy, in […]

Astronomy Presentation to Tomodachi-kai

“Tomodachi” is Japanese for “friend” and Tomodachi-kai is the local Japanese/American friendship club in Portland, OR.  Recently, they asked me to speak at their monthly meeting about my astro-photography.  Since I am not great at public speaking and have learned relatively little about astronomy during the last 11 years doing astro-photography, I asked Dr. Katherine Kornei, a real astronomer, to join me in a presentation titled “Exploring the Intersection of Art and Science”. Using some of my astro-photos and a few graphics to illustrate such things as polar alignment, I talked about the techniques of capturing and processing astro-photos, while […]