The New Face of Mr. T

“Mister T” is the simplest and most popular of my products.  Most amateur astro-photography is done with DSLR cameras, and most of them are Canon EOS type (EF or EF-S mount).  To attach such a camera to a telescope requires some kind of adapter and for that we turn to the old concept of the “T ring”.  The T ring was developed long ago as a way for 3rd party lens manufacturers to produce lenses that could be used on many different kinds of cameras by standardizing on a simple threaded connection on the lens (“T threads”), and reducing the […]

How It Begins

When I first started in astro-photography back in 2005, it quickly became apparent that some of the “bits and pieces” needed to assemble gear into a working system were not readily available.  I’m not alone in this experience – I recently met a guy who, like me, actually got into machining and bought expensive tools primarily to make the parts needed for astronomy. In my case, some of the parts needed were relatively “new ideas” that were not readily available elsewhere, which led me to manufacture and offer them for sale to others.  A prime example of this is the […]

Hotech SCA (Self-Centering Adapter)

Almost every customer for our MRT adapter has asked, “This is great, but how do I attach it to my telescope?”  The answer has always been that a direct threaded connection is best, but since most telescopes don’t have T-threads, the next best solution (and one that is far more universal) is the SCA made by Hotech.  So to make it even easier for you, we have arranged to be able to offer you this brilliant product. The SCA is like a standard 2” nosepiece-to-T-thread adapter, except that instead of using one or two thumbscrews to secure the adapter (leaving […]