A Baby Elephant

There are, of course, a finite number of objects that an astrophotographer can shoot.  It’s a large number, but definitely finite, and when you add restrictions (and, trust me, there are a LOT of restrictions) it can seem like a pretty small number.  So it’s encouraging to see that the same object can be photographed and processed in many different ways.  As an example, I have now photographed the Elephant’s Trunk Nebula at 3 different focal lengths; 640, 350, and now 200mm.  A much longer focal length is often used on this target to capture just the “trunk” itself (the […]

A New Elephant

I recently completed this new image of IC1396, the “Elephant’s Trunk Nebula” using narrowband filters and the fairly short focal length Star71 telescope.  Another version of this, from almost a year ago, was done at much higher magnification and shows just the portion that gives the nebula its name – the top center of this image. The bright red star in the lower left corner is known as the “Garnet Star” and it really is very red, but its appearance is a bit of a fluke in this image:  As is always the case with narrowband images, the colors in […]