A Swan of a Different Color

Here are a couple of new images from the constellation Cygnus, the swan.  Both are fairly wide views (done with the WO Star71 telescope) and both are narrowband images with somewhat unusual color rendering.  First is the North America Nebula, NGC7000: I have to explain that you may be seeing something like the shape of the United States here, with the dark “hole” being the Great Lakes region, rather than the shape of North America.  But if you turn it clockwise 90 degrees the hole becomes the Gulf of Mexico and the entire continent is included. NGC7000 is one of […]

IC 1318 (Sadr Region)

Buy a Print (Updated Dec. 2017) This is a large region of nebulosity (mostly hydrogen) around the star Sadr in the constellation Cygnus. From Wa-chur-ed Observatory in June of 2016. As is usual for this observatory, this is a narrowband image, processed to yield a false-color image in which the yellow represents S-2 and the blue represents O-3.  Both colors are then modulated by the brightness of the H-a channel. The bright star near the center is Sadr, which is the central star in the constellation Cygnus. Scope: AT111EDT at f/5.7 Mount: AP Mach1 Camera: QSI 683 at –20C Exposure: […]