backlit photo frame

New Backlit Print Shown at a Day of Vikings

The event at Barnes & Noble today went very well.  It was not a huge crowd, but just about everyone that came by was very interested in either the Viking Mars Mission or astronomy.  I had some long conversations with people of all ages and, hopefully, encouraged some young people to consider studying astronomy.  It doesn’t get much better than that! The large backlit print on the left side of my table is an experiment I’ve been working on to offer a “premium” backlit print category.  The primary enhancement is greatly increased contrast ratio.  Theoretically, it is more than 500,000:1, […]

Backlit Photo Frames

For many years Wa-chur-ed Observatory has offered Backlit prints of original astro-photography in various sizes. These have always proven to be wildly popular and this did not go unnoticed by other astro-photographers, who requested that I make backlit prints of their images. But the stunning appearance of backlit images is not limited to astro-photography, so I am pleased to now offer these backlit frames and prints to everyone – for any image you want; your favorite nature photo, family portrait, even your own astro-photo! Why Backlit? Images printed on paper can never have a contrast ratio of more than 100:1, […]