Saturn Visits the Edge of the Milky Way

Another photo from last weekend’s star party: You might recognize the area in the lower right corner from earlier photos I’ve posted.  The large yellow/red blob is the star Antares (bloated by its extreme brightness), to its right is the globular cluster M4, and above that, surrounded by blue dust, is the Rho Ophiuchi complex.  But this very wide field image (more than 25 degrees across) shows how this area resides at the edge of the Milky Way.  The dense stars and dust of the Milky Way appear as glowing red and black on the left edge, gradually fading to […]

Antares Region

Buy a Print Antares is the bright star in the upper left.  This gorgeous region is unusual for its variety and richness of color, which is primarily star light reflected off dust.  The dark areas to the right of center and the complex area below it are known as the “Rho Ophiuchi” region, that being the name of the star that illuminates it.  The globular cluster just below Antares is M4. This is an LRGB image captured with a 200mm (FL) camera lens, so it is quite a large area. Antares is part of the constellation Scorpius, although many other […]