Manuals and drivers for Wa-chur-ed Observatory products


    User Manual (updated 8/26/2014)

    (extensive updates to graphics and intructions)

    ASCOM Driver version 6.1

    (fixes awkward handling of unexpected disconnect)

    Controller Firmware version 5.1

    Controller Firmware version 5.2

    (adds “Permanent Focus” feature & minor bug fixes)

    Flash Update Utility

Other Files

Over the years I have authored several papers, presentations, and such related to astronomy and astro-imaging.  The presentations were created for private use and contain copyrighted material that I can’t publish here, but eventually I hope to edit each of them to either replace the copyrighted material with equivalent original material, or get permission from the owner.


AstroCalc is a spreadsheet I created years ago to simplify some of the calculations that must sometimes be done in astronomy.  It contains 4 separate sheets; the equipment sheet, where you enter specifications of your telescopes, eyepieces, cameras, etc.; the visual sheet, which shows you various parameters for each combination of telescope and eyepiece; the imaging sheet, which shows similar parameters for each combination of telescope and camera; and the PHD Adviser sheet, which is intended to help you select the best parameters for the popular PHD Guiding program (used in imaging).  I used to include this spreadsheet on my Astro-Flash product, but found that most buyers were non-astronomers and didn’t care about this tool, so I have decided to make it available to everyone.  You may freely distribute this file as long as nothing is altered from the original file here, including the copyright notice.