PerfectStar B Focus Motor

Along with the new PerfectStar B (PSB) Focus Controller, the PSB Focus Motor provides faster movement and additional features in comparison to the classic PerfectStar motor or other unipolar stepper motor.  The PSB Focus Motor attaches to many models of telescope in the same manner as the classic PerfectStar motor, using a 2-part coupler contained within a housing that attaches with thumb screws to your dual-speed focuser.  Other types of coupling, including SCT models, are available as custom orders.

The PSB motor differs from the classic model in that the housing is metal, which makes it more rugged, reduces the possibility of electro-magnetic interference, and is more attractive.  The motor uses RJ-45 connectors and standard ethernet patch cables to connect the motor to the controller.  Such cables are readily available in a variety of lengths, colors, and styles, including fully shielded cables.  This type of cable is more robust than the traditional flat ribbon cable used with industry standard unipolar focus motors, is easier to use (no need for retaining screws), and the connector is much less bulky than a DB-9 connector with molded housing.

Although it is NOT compatible with classic PerfectStar Focus Controllers, the PSB Focus Motor and PSB Focus Controller do use the same temperature sensor (optional).

As with the classic PerfectStar Focus Motor, PSB motors are customized to specific telescope models.  Only the outer components (outside the metal enclosure) are customized.  When you place an order, please indicate your telescope model.  If necessary, we will contact you for more information.

The standard PSB Focus Motor is natural aluminum color with a black Delrin (acetal plastic) attachment “tube”.  An all black option is available, but there is an additional charge due to sourcing issues.

Pricing and Availability:

PSB Focus Motors are made to order and typically take about 2 weeks to complete.  In some cases, motors for popular telescope models may be available from stock.

  • PSB Focus Motor (natural color):     $195   (includes 2m cable)
  • All black body:                              $215
  • Temperature sensor:                       $25

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