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I have some big news for you – and a big opportunity!  From the beginning, the business side of Wa-chur-ed Observatory has been split into 2 distinct parts; selling my astrophotos, and selling tools for astronomy (especially the PerfectStar family of focus controllers and motors).  As the business grew it became increasingly clear that the “tools” side was more profitable and less of a headache.  And now that I have a significant commitment in business-to-business sales, I find that continuing the “art” side is a distraction that detracts from the more important part of the business.  And so, although it has been fun, I have decided to shut down the art side of Wa-chur-ed Observatory.  This does NOT mean that I will stop capturing, processing, and sharing new astrophotos, which I fully intend to continue doing – just with less pressure!

Accordingly, I have decided to start liquidating my inventory of prints and digital media, and am offering deep discounts to help move them out quickly.  The listings below show my current inventory of Backlit Film Prints and Space Windows.  Note that I also have a fairly large inventory of raw materials to make more Backlit Film Prints, so if you want a print of an image you don’t see here (including your own images), contact me for a quote.

There are a number of outstanding gift certificates for custom Backlit Film Prints.  If you have a certificate, rest assured that I will honor it, but request that you contact me as soon as possible to arrange completion.

Regarding Astro-Flash (my collection of astrophotos on USB flash drives), I had divided the collection into 3 subsets, as it was getting too large for the low capacity flash drives I use, but that scheme has not worked well – nearly everyone seems to want the full set.  So I have decided to eliminate the lower resolution versions of the images, which will allow for the full set of images to fit on a single device.  It will still have both wide-screen (16:9) and traditional (4:3) versions.  Unless you are using a really old computer with a small screen, this change should have no effect.  The standard price for the full set is $30, and the “Fire Sale” price is $20.

Here are the images available from stock, with prices almost 50% off the list price (all prices exclude shipping and sales tax, where applicable):

About Greg Marshall

I am a retired electronics engineer and after a few months of enjoying my leisure I began to miss doing product development. My astronomy hobby always needed new solutions to unique problems, so I decided that whenever I came up with a good solution I would try to make it available to others.

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