A Bunch of Galaxies, Far, Far Away

In another image from Australia we see the Grus Quartet, consisting of (from left to right); NGC7552, NGC7582, NGC7590, and NGC7599.  The 3 on the right are sometimes called the Grus Triplet, but the other is such a nice barred spiral galaxy that it would be a shame to exclude it.

All 4 galaxies are relatively close to each other, and probably interacting with each other gravitationally.  Their distance from Earth is estimated to be in the range 55 to 70 million light-years – far away indeed.  But if you look closely you will see numerous smaller galaxies, and they are hundreds of millions of light-years distant!

“Grus” is the name of the constellation where these galaxies are found.  Grus is Latin for crane (the bird, that is), and it is properly pronounced like “Gus” with the addition of the “r”, but it is often pronounced like “goose” plus the “r”.  The Quartet is located near the eastern border of Grus, near the Phoenix constellation.

The above image is a fairly wide view, so here are some “close up” crops of 2 regions:

In these close-ups you can REALLY see the more distant galaxies.


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