Monthly Archives: July 2018

Mighty Mount

I was at a star party most of last week, and have 2 or 3 images from that waiting for processing.  There are also 2 new images from Australia I had hoped to share with you, but they are also in the queue for processing, as I am too busy with other priorities (ones that will, hopefully, generate immediate income).  But not wanting to have no updates to this blog for too long, I thought I would share some details on my new mount, the Paramount MyT. Paramount pronounces it as “mighty”, as in “Mighty Mouse”, which is kind of […]

55 Million Solar Masses

My latest image from Australia is Centaurus A (NGC5128), a large, unusual galaxy.  The photo looks like a thick dust lane with a very bright star behind it, but all that glowing in the center is actually from the core of the galaxy, which includes a supermassive black hole, estimated to be 55 million times the mass of our Sun (which is itself far beyond the size of objects in normal human experience). If my camera could pick up x-ray and/or radio signals we would see enormous jets radiating from the center, perpendicular to the disk.  The inner portions of […]