Monthly Archives: September 2016

2017 Calendar Now Available

I always have a few calendars for the coming year available at the Oregon Star Party in August, but now it’s time to make it available to everyone.  I’ve updated the information on the Products>Art/Prints tab for the new calendar.  The general format of the calendar is the same as previous years, but I’ve made some refinements to the astronomical events included to make it more useful.  I’ve also added an additional insert page with information about the total Solar Eclipse happening next year. The supply of calendars usually runs out long before the end of the year, so don’t […]

That Was Fun, Now Back to Work!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted here for a while, but you’ll understand when you see a few pictures from our cruise to Alaska: We left from Seattle, a city known for rain and clouds, but it turned out to be the warmest and sunniest day of our trip. Johns Hopkins Glacier in Glacier Bay.  The ship stayed here for a while as we waited for the fog to clear.  The captain even turned the boat around so people on both sides could see the glacier without leaving their rooms! A huge chunk of Margerie Glacier falls into the bay.  I […]